Rural Arts Foundation is housed in the Museum of Engraving located in the town of Artes, Galician town of Ribeira in the province of A Coruña. Surrounded by spectacular natural scenery, the Foundation placed one of the most innovative projects for dilettantes, scholars and fans to the world of the arts, specifically the Graphic Arts, creating a unique space in the area that combines ancient and contemporary graphic art.

The Museum focuses on two main aspects: Cabinet of Prints (duly ordered by schools in addition to their individual studies) and three rooms open to the public Exhibitions, also providing space Library and Conference Room.

The Museum of Arts Foundation focuses its goal in the collection, cataloging, study and dissemination of graphic art from its origins to today. So few artistic techniques hosts operated from the fifteenth century to the present time, justifying its name: from engraving to digital print.

By orders of the Xunta de Galicia of 18 July and 30 July 2001, published in the Diario Oficial de Galicia of 29 July on September 3, 2001, it is classified to the institution as of cultural interest and Galician interest respectively having been registered under No 2001/19.

Collections loan

The Arts Foundation Museum has an extensive collection of works ranging from the fifteenth century to the present day. These works are offered roaming on loan to interested entities. Some of these collections on loan are:

– The Caprichosos dreams Pantagruel in images Salvador Dalí
– Studies and Images in the genesis of Guernica. Picasso: violence and murders of artistic creativity.
– Dante’s Divine Comedy. Hell in pictures of Salvador Dalí
– Fables de la Fontaine Salvador Dalí
– Topics of Marc Chagall
– Oswaldo Guayasamin emotions Calero
– Bullfighting of Goya, critical vision of a party
– Manuel Ayaso
– The Iconography of Van Dyck

For additional information you can write to the foundation or contact by email:

Grants system

The agreement is signed with the University of Santiago de Compostela and aims to assist in the practical training of senior students of the university.