Edition 2023

1. They will be able to participate all national and foreign artists that wish it. Works should be executed necessarily in anyone of traditional systems and techniques of the graphic art, that considers convenient the artist.

2. Will be admitted at the most two works for author. The size of the paper will be 38 cm x 28cm. The artist will be able to use inks and matrixes that considers convenient to stamp master copies.

3. Engravings will be unknown and not having been edited nor numbered. Awarded prizes entail the edition winning works in 25 units and 2 “epreuves d’artiste” and his delivery to the Fundación Museo de Artes.

4. There is a Prize Ramiro Carregal of engraving of 5.000 €, 3 prizes established with 2.500 Euros each, 1 special prize Pedras de Santiago of 2.000 €, for an artist born or living in Galicia and 1 special prize Manuel Ayaso for artists under 25 years of age on the date of the prize announcement, endowed with €2,000. These prizes shall follow tax requirements.

5. With the work will be sent the following documentation: Details of the author: Full name./ Technique. Measure of the plate / Brief curriculum artistic / Photocopy of the ID or passport./ Address, phone number and email.

6. Engravings will be sent without framing, conveniently protected to the Lugar de Outeiro, número 52, Artes, Concello de Ribeira, C.P.: 15969, (A Coruña), Spain, typing on the envelope “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”, from September 9, 2023 to May 31, 2024.

7. The Fundación Museo de Artes will publish a folder with the 6 winning engravings. Winner artists shall stamp, number and sign 25 copies and two “epreuves d ́artiste”; they should give the/s matrix/s next to 25 prints and two “epreuves d’artist” to the Fundación Museo de Artes. The 6 winners shall receive from the Fundación a portfolio with the winning prize engravings.

8. All selected works shall be exhibited in the Museo de Artes.

9. Seven relevant members of the art world shall be the members of the jury to these prizes. Jury’s decision shall be non appealable. The jury’s decision will be issued in the maximum space of two months from the ending of the delivery time of the works.

10. The Fundación, will look after the good conservation of works received. The Fundación shall not be responsible for any damage during the shipping forward or back of the pieces. Shipping expenses shall be responsibility of the participating artists. Shipping and return costs will run for account of the artist.

11. Pieces not claimed or picked up within two months after the prize delivery will become part of the collection of Arte Gráfica, Fundación Museo de Artes del Grabado.

12. Selected works will be able to be sold in the course of the exhibition, if it has previously been pointed out by the author, will perceive the amount make up of the sale. Contact the artist and buyer.

13. Personal Data. In accordance with LOPD, personal data named in 5th paragraph, will be part of automatic files in Fundartes, or not, in order to administer your participation in this prize. Personal data of the winners will be publicized in printed or digital media in order to publicize the winners and spread the activity of the museum. We may send information about our activities, events and others by electronic communications. You may exercise rights of access, cancellation, rectification, opposition by letter enclosing a copy of ID to Lugar de Outeiro, número 52, Artes, Concello de Ribeira, C.P.: 15969, (A Coruña), Spain. If there any change in your personal data, please let us know in order to keep it updated.

14. Every artist’s participation in this contest presumes their acceptance of the basis of this prize. Artists resign from any type of claim.

More information:

Telf.: (034) 981871342


• José Daniel Buján, director of the Library of Galicia • Alfonso Costa, painter and engraver
• Carmen Hermo, doctor in Fine Arts and engraver • Juan Monterroso Montero, University of Santiago de Compostela
• Jose Manuel López Vázquez, University of Santiago de Compostela
• Isabel Pintado, ainter and engraver
• Soledad Penalta, academic of the Royal Galician Academy of Fine Arts